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The Ghost T-Shirt database is a non profit, fan based guide to the T-Shirts released by

The Band Ghost

The Ghost Band T-Shirt Database now lists over 200 authentic Ghost Tour Shirts that were sold at the Merch Booths during the tours

The database was created by Ghost shirt collector Kerry Price in 2018, since then, thousands of images have been donated, by fans like you, helping collectors all over the world verify their collections and expand the Ghost T-Shirt Database

The database also holds a record of the shirts sold on the Ghost Official Webstore, so go check them out and get some eye candy!

I have omitted the multitude of shirts sold at Licensed Resellers such as Hot Topic, EMP and Impericon, there's just too many to list, I may venture into the Licensed shirts again at a future date, but for now I'm going to stick to Ghost Official shirts only

Ghostee is updated every time Ghost release a new t-shirt or we find one that isn't listed

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Tour Shirt Count - 201

Official Shirt Count - 121

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The Ghost Band T Shirt Database

“All these hundreds of shows that we’ve made, not making any money whatsoever, the only thing that sustained this band, being able to pay everyone,

it’s because of the t-shirts"

Tobias Forge - 2018

Authentic Merchandise

The Lowdown


The majority of Ghost Official shirts carry the name of the band, and the marketing company that produced the shirt, such as Global Merchandising. There is also a copyright logo with the year of manufacture

This is often cleverly hidden along one edge of the t-shirt graphic, or centred under it

This is what Ghostee refers to as a Date Ident

This wasn't always the case though, many early shirts were printed officially, without any trademark, these are still in circulation today, and from time-to-time Ghost t-shirts are printed without the official trademark text

Opus Eponymous Shirt
The Band Ghost Shirt

In 2022, Ghost started selling shirts on Amazon, none of which carry the Global Merchandising Trademark text and are of a lesser quality print, as they are vinyl printed, not screen printed

Official shirts are the main staple for collectors, it ensures revenue from the shirts is returned to the band and the people behind the scenes that work tirelessly to provide merchandise at live shows or through the official store

By purchasing Ghost Official Shirts, you're not only buying a shirt, you're also ensuring that hundreds of people employed by the supply chain get paid

You're also getting a good quality shirt, well, 99% of the time, there have been a few dodgy prints as well, we can only hope the powers that be, listen to the feedback from the fans, and act on it


There are hundreds of shirt tags out there, way to many to mention is this section. Tags are just as important to the authenticity of a shirt, as the trademark. Older shirts tend to have tags that read 'heavyweight' or 'heavy cotton'

Newer shirts tend to carry a  tag reading 'valueweight' or 'classic valueweight', but this does differ from manufacturer to manufacturer

Many Ghost t shirts were printed using familiar tags, such as Fruit of The Loom or Gildan, the only variation is the design of the tag and the quality of the material, also depicted on the tag

Opus Eponymous Shirt
The Band Ghost Shirt

European shirts are often printed on Fruit of The Loom or Gildan branded shirts, and North American shirts often carry the Delta or Hanes tags, Gildan and Tultex shirts can appear globaly

Printed tags are also a trait of North American shirts and shirts produced overseas from the UK, many of the South American shirts have a printed tag

The US Ghost Official site and online retailers like Hot Topic or Fright Rags produce Ghost T Shirts with printed tags


These are produced without permission or license from Ghost Official and return no revenue to the rightful owner of the intellectual property.

These shirts are often found outside concerts, for sale on the pavements and sidewalks.

The shirts are produced by people that claim to be supporters of The Band Ghost, but in reality, are profiting from the sale of illegal items

So there you have it, look for the Trademark or Tag, avoid the bootleg shirts and you're on the right track

For anything you're not too sure of, use my database, email me, or ask the members of the Facebook Groups, they're a little obsessed and easily excited, but they're loyal to the band Ghost and really nice once you get to know them, trust me....

Buy Official, Hail Ghost!


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