Meliora and

Black To The Future

Ghost's third studio album, Meliora was released on 21 August 2015.

Papa Emeritus II was "fired" and his successor Papa Emeritus III would take over.

A tour of the US titled "Black To The Future" began on 22 September and ran until 1 November.

This was quickly followed by a European tour of the same name that ran until 21 December.

The tour shirts would display the Meliora album cover and the dates of the tour

destinations on the rear.

A series of shirts were produced for the USA Unplugged shows and 2015 also gave us

the stunning artwork for the Cirice shirt.


Tour shirt with the artwork for Cirice and stained glass artwork on the rear, 2 date ident's exist. One is printed at the bottom of the main image and the other is printed at

the right hand side of the Ghost logo

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This shirt was also available as a ladies cut tee, without backprint


Black to the Future

Tour shirt with artwork by Mattias Frisk, Dates on rear

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Doom - Linkoping

In 2015 ghost played at the 'Doom' club in their hometown of Linkoping and the European summer festivals

The shirt below was made exclusively for those dates and it has been reported that only 1000 were made

It was the first appearance of Papa Emeritus 3, who took the stage wearing the wrong mask, the mask was worn for 2 shows, before it was replaced by the mask we know today

The shirt does NOT carry the word 'Doom'

Kissing Pope

North American Tour shirt depicting Pope Francis kissing the hand of Papa 3

Also known as - The Battle For Philadelphia tour shirt

Produced for the Philadelphia gig and sold in a limited quantity during the Black To The Future 2015 US tour

Black to the Future USA

Tour shirt with artwork by Mattias Frisk, Dates on rear

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Meliora USA

Tour shirt with artwork by Mattias Frisk, Dates on rear

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White Majesty

Black Majesty

White Papa Ladies

Spirit Sublimated

Necropolitan Raglan


Ghost performed at select record stores during August 2015 as part of the

Unholy / Unplugged tour

The dates were

Aug. 18 – Seattle, Washington, Silver Platters
Aug. 20 – Los Angeles, California, Amoeba Records
Aug. 21 – Phoenix, Arizona, ZIA
Aug. 22 – Baltimore, Maryland, Sound Garden
Aug. 23 – Brooklyn, New York, Rough Trade

The dates were scheduled in support of August 2015’s Meliora, issued through Loma Vista Recordings in North America.

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