The First Ghost T-Shirts

On 12 March 2010, Tobias Forge posted the first three Ghost songs on MySpace and within two days was contacted by records labels and managers wanting to work with Ghost.

Ghost then spent a few weeks in a basement studio in the band's hometown of Linköping recording their debut album Opus Eponymous.

In June 2010, the Ghost released their first single "Elizabeth".

Ghost released their first studio album Opus Eponymous, on 18 October 2010, on the independent record label Rise Above Records. The album reached number 50 on the Sverigetopplistan and was well-received by critics, being nominated for the 2011 Grammis Award for "Best Hard Rock" album.

Ghost played their first concert on 23 October 2010 at the Hammer of Doom festival in

Würzburg, Germany.

Shirt Zero

Shirt Zero was the first t-shirt that was commercially produced by The Band Ghost.

For the purpose of this database, it is the first Ghost T Shirt.

There was one other shirt produced for the band that pre-dates this one by only a few months, an Opus Eponymous shirt, but it was printed for band members and associates of the band at that time and was never avilable to the public.

Shirt Zero was sold by Rise Above Records, but could also be ordered from Backstreet Merch
The 'PH' in the ident relates to Plastic Head, the company that produced the shirts.

The Grucifix appeared for the first time, in a simple form. A true collectors item.

My shirt came in the original shipping bag, with the original barcode label

Elizabeth Tour Shirt

A shirt that needs no introduction

Made to accompany the song Elizabeth. Inspired by the life and reputation of the Hungarian noblewoman, Elizabeth Bathory

The original tour shirts were printed on heavy fabric and the Ghost logo was also printed with a silver glitter, which is still visable on shirts in good condition

The re-release webstore version carries a date 2016 identifier but the shirts sold at Webster Hall and Maryland Deathfest rituals carry an identifier reading '2011'

Several bootlegs exist of the Ghost Elizabeth shirt and most recently, an eBay seller has started selling 'retro reprints' of this and many other early shirts

4 Additional Tags Exist For This Shirt

Webster Hall  Maryland Deathfest


2011 Variant

Thanks to Eric Haskell via Ghost Merch Deal Or No Deal.

This Elizabeth variant was sold in DOND during 2023.

Previously unknown to collectors and this site, the shirt carries the 2011 Date Ident and a Bay Island Tag. Very likely that it's a 2011 release.


Sold in 2016 and 2019

Opus Eponymous

This shirt was sold at the Live evil festival in London, 2010, which was Ghost's 2nd live performance.

The artwork of course is from the first album Opus Eponymous. Printed on heavy cotton fabric.

The date identifier appears inside the main print, later shirts have this on the outside edge of the main print.

Thanks to Holger BZ for the pics.

Opus Eponymous Raglan

Opus Eponymous Raglan long sleeve t-shirt. No date ident.

Sold by Rise Above Records, but could also be ordered from Backstreet Merch

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