Tour Year Zero

Fewer Shirts Were Produced In 2014.

From 17 January to 2 February 2014, the band toured Australia.

They then embarked on the "Tour Year Zero", which lasted from 17 April until 17 May 2014, in North America.

In July, the band performed at the European Sonisphere Festival.

The red and green Opus Eponymous shirt was part of a bundle and is very collectable and the Skullface shirt is also highly sought after.

Ghost also toured South America, which gave us some amazing

and collectable merch offerings.

European Dates


Grona Lund

Grona Lund Tour T-shirt, sold at 2 shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg

North America


The progeny of beast of woe

Say hello to my little friend!

This Ghost shirt is based on the movie Scarface, starring Al Pacino

Papa Wants You

Based on the American Military WW1 Recruitment Poster by

James Montgomery Flagg

Warrior USA

Based on the artwork from the movie A Nightmare On Elm St 3 - Dream Warriors

South America


An incredibly rare shirt

Only 4 are known to exist, one of each size

from Small to XL. It is estimated that 20 were produced, but to dateonly 4 have been found.

They were Test Prints, that were never put into production

This shirt was NOT sold during the 'Tour Year Zero 2014' in South America, the 4 known shirts were found in a Bodega in 2020 by Ghost Collector Walter Campoy

The shirt does not carry a Date Identifier

Thanks go out to Walter Campoy, Anne Martin, Beau kasperek and Bruce Alexander Munoz Cuevas for the information on this shirt

Red Chalice

South America Tour Shirt that was sold at the venues, unlike the blue variant which carries the same name

An interesting mix this one, displaying the Grona Lund 'Chalice' artwork and the artwork from Infestissumam

It is not known how many exist, this shirt carries the same tag as the blue variant and does not have a date ident

World Cup

World Cup Edition South America Tour Shirt, produced for the shows that came after the Word Cup football event

A fantastic design for the shirt depicted the flags of the nations the shows were held in as well as Papa adorning the front of the World Cup itself

A true collectors item

Australia / Japan

Warrior Aus

Artwork for the shirt is based on the movie poster for A Nightmare On Elm St -Dream Warriors

Warrior Japan

Verified by Christian Jugans Beau Kasperek via Ghost Merch Deal Or No Deal + Ghost Collective

This shirt was a limited Japan Tour shirt produced in 2013 and carries a 2013 identifier but was sold during the 2014 dates in Japan

Only three are known to be owned by collectors making this one 'rare as fuck'

Other Shirts


Based on the character from the first Dracula movie - Nosferatu made in 1922

Thanks to Rob Barlowe

Opus Bundle

Part of a Xmas Bundle available in 2014 and was also sold separately via the webstore soon after when the bundle failed to sell

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