Popestar Tour

Europe, North America and South America tours.

On 24 August 2017, the band released their final music video from Meliora for their song He Is.

Ghost released their first live album Ceremony and Devotion digitally in December 2017, with a physical release following in January 2018.

Ceremony and Devotion

Part of the Tiger Eye Vinyl Bundle sold during 2017 via the Ghost Official Webstore, which included a T-shirt, Vinyl Double album, and 3D Hologram Litho

2 versions of the shirt exist

The one without the Ceremony and Devotion text was sold with the vinyl bundle

The bundle shirt depicts statues of Papa 2 either side of Papa 3

The one with the text was sold later via the ghost Official Store

The webstore shirt depicts Papa Emeritus 1 on one side of Papa 3 and Papa Emeritus 2 on the other

The colours and overall graphics are different on both shirts


Sold at the Bloodstock festival


Based on a photo of Ozzy Osbourne

Pale Pope

Based on the character

'The Pale Man' from the 2006 movie 'Pan's Labyrinth'

by Guillermo del Toro


Based on the movie 'Seventh Seal'

Official Store Advert

Items available via the Official Store during 2017


Based on the drawing - Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da'Vinci

He Is

The now legendary Ghost t shirt was inspired by the image of Jesus and a Child and is without doubt far more saught after

Originally released as part of a bundle which included a 10" vinyl single, of which there were only 500 made

Dove North America

Based on a photo of Ozzy Osbourne

Phantom North America

Based on the movie Phantom of the Opera

Lightbringer Ladies

Ladies cut Lightbringer Tee

Popestar Marilyn

I need more info on this raglan

Papa 3 Sublimate

Papa cash tee

Popestar Tesla

1st release of the Tesla shirt

Vitruvian South America

Based on the drawing - Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da'Vinci

South America Ghost Tour Shirt
This shirt does not carry a date identifier

Only 3 copies of this shirt are known to be held by collectors, one of which is mine. How many were printed, is unknown.

Lightbringer South America

An incredibly rare shirt from the 2017 Popestar tour in South America

Very limited in numbers at the venue and has only been available for purchase once since 2017.

Sought after by the worlds top collectors, it is the only one known to exist

This shirt wasn't known to collectors until 2020 when I found it and added it to my personal collection

Until its discovery it was thought that the only one sold at the venues was the 'Popestar Man'

This shirt does not carry a date identifier

The shirt is currently in secure storage

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