2012 Ghost Tour Shirts

Ghost embarked on their first United States tour, "13 Dates of Doom," in New York in January 2012, and ending in February in Los Angeles.

Ghost also joined Mastodon and Opeth as the opening act on the Heritage Hunter Tour throughout North America during April and May 2012.

In February 2012, a Nameless Ghoul revealed that the band had completed writing their second album Infestissumam.

In December 2012, Ghost played a show in Linköping, where they debuted a new song titled "Secular Haze", which was released online earlier that day..

During the same show, the band introduced Papa Emeritus II as the successor to the first Papa Emeritus.

Several more t-shirts were produced to support the tours, it was the beginning of a tradition that Ghost would become recognised for, basing the t-shirt design on iconic pieces of popular culture, drawing on art from horror movies,

Sci-fi classics and biblical illustrations.

The designs of the shirts also became more intricate, depicting Papa Emeritus as The Statue of Liberty, the routes taken by the band during the tours and 2012 gave t-shirt collectors the first appearance of The 'Ornate' Grucifix.


This shirt was sold at a special show in Ghosts hometown of

Cupolen, Linkoping, December 15th 2012

It was the first time that Papa Emeritus 2 took the stage and the first time that the song Secular haze was performed by the band

Papa Emeritus I

Papa Emeritus I Adorns This 2012 Ghost Tour Shirt

The shirt shows the location of Download Festival as being on the South Coast of the UK, when it is actually a lot further north

This is because Ghost were scheduled to play Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth in 2012, but the festival was cancelled and Ghost played Download Festival, Donington instead.

Also, the location, Donington, is spelled wrong

Papa Emeritus I

Webstore Shirt

A mile marker in the production of Ghost Shirts

The first print of this shirt was by Plastic Head, the company that produced the early Ghost T-Shirts, the shirts carry the FOTL Tag. Later in 2012, merch production would be moved to Global Merch Services

Two date idents exist for this shirt, Multiple tags exist for the reprints

This shirt has been reprinted more times than the 1977 poster of the 'tennis girl scratching her arse' by british photographer Martin Elliot

Blue Logo

First print of the blue logo tee. The shirt carries one of two Idents, which is very odd, the PH Ident - PH7293G or - PH7292

This may be related to a production run, or production date. No further information is available

Yellow Logo

Plain and simple, needing no introduction, the first print of the

Logo Tee in Yellow

Ph Ident reads - PH7292

Green Logo

Green Variant Of The Logo Shirt

The shirt caries the PH Ident number 7292


No back print

Same as the North American Tour Shirt

31 Dates Of Doom, but no back print. I have identified 2 tags

This shirt does carry a Date Identifier

Secular Haze

First Print Secular Haze Shirt

Secular Haze

Preorder Shirt

The green logo Secular Haze shirt was available as part of a bundle when you pre-ordered the "Infestissumam" CD or 10" vinyl from


Carries a small Official Date Identifier located at

the bottom middle. No backprint

Secular Haze


Secular Haze shirt with the first appearance of the Ornate Grucifix Backprint

The Grucifix has a red stroke surrounding the design. Sold when Ghost toured with Skeletonwitch and similar to the 2013 'Jagermeister' shirt

Previous versions of the Grucifix were not as complex

Opus Eponymous Raglan

No backprint

Raglan variant of the iconic Opus Eponymous shirt sold online and during the live shows in 2012

To date I've only found a US version with the ANVIL tag

Liberty Papa Shirt

First print of the Liberty Tee. I have identified 3 tags

The Fruit Of The Loom tag was found on shirts sold world wide. The Hanes tag is a USA release

The Absolute Cult was a UK release. All tag versions carry the 2012 Date Ident

Thanks to Gethin Davies for the Absolute Cult tag. Thanks to Nic Miller for the Hanes tag


Another 31 Dates of Doom

Possession tour shirt with the Opus Eponymous image printed on the rear of the shirt, includes dates

The graphic on the front of this tour shirt is very large

Blood Ceremony

North American tour shirt depicting an illustration from the cover of 'Le Rire' in 1898

The image shows the grip the Rothschild Family has over the world due to their banking empire.

Opus Eponymous

Opus Eponymous Shirt Released In 2012

I have identified 3 tags so far

No back print. There are two known idents, one in white text, one in blue

This shirt carries a rare date ident, listing Global Merch and PH7190 which is an ident by Plastic Head


Stunning 'Liberty' North American Tour Shirt

31 Dates Of Doom


This shirt was sold at many venues throughout 2012.

I saw this shirt at the merch table in Download festival UK in 2012, but it was also sold in the USA. The Symbols, As They appear On The Shirt Are -

Fire  – lead guitarist

Water - Bassist

Air - Keyboards

Earth - Drummer

Aether - Rhythm Guitarist

Papa Emeritus I

13 Dates Of Doom

Sold during Ghost's first United States tour "13 Dates of Doom," beginning in New York on January 18, 2012, and ending on February 2 in Los Angeles

This shirt carries the 2010 date ident on the front graphic and has a 2012 tour date backprint

Ghost joined Mastodon and Opeth as the opening act on the Heritage Hunter Tour throughout North America during April and May 2012

Thanks to Christian Jugans for the Anvil Tag

This shirt does not carry a date identifier

Opus Eponymous Grucifix

Opus Eponymous Shirt With the first appearance of the Ornate Grucifix Backprint.

Previous versions of the Grucifix were not as complex.

One interesting fact is that the shirt carries a Global Marketing Trademark, with the Plastic Head (PH) Trademark and number at the end.

The reasons for this are unclear, as they are seperate companies although the PH Trademark was used on early shirts prior to Global taking over the merch marketing.

This shirt was also produced in 2013 and from what we know, was sold in the US.

The 2013 US shirts do not carry the PH Ident.

Additionally, the Grucifix on the rear of the shirt has no white outline around it.

31 Dates of Doom!

North America Tour Shirt


The Shirt Sold At Every Show In 2012. No Print On Back.

Procession carries a Fruit of the Loom 'heavy cotton' tag.

Later shirts often carry the 'value weight' tag and are printed on a thinner quality shirt overall.

The date identifier can be found to the lower left of the shirt.

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