Phallos Mortuus

Puppetmaster Shirt

The Puppetmaster shirt was part of the Phallos Mortuus Ritual box-set, which was sold in 2013 and limited to 250 copies worldwide.

The shirt was withdrawn after a copyright claim by the makers of the movie 'Virgin Witch', the artwork on the t-shirt was inspired by the films movie poster and was used without permission.

Due to the copyright claim, very few shirts were distributed, making this shirt a real collectors item.

2 tags are currently known to exist, both tags were attached to shirts sold via the Ghost Official Store in 2013.

The first shirts to be printed have the Honduras Tag, and have a deeper purple colour, they also have a secondary tag sewn to the inside of the shirt.

The second print of the shirts, have a Gildan Soft Style Tag and a lighter print.

The Box Set

The Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set was presented in a hollowed out case that resembled a Bible. 

It had a red velvet inner lining and included a shirt, a brushed metal charm of the band logo, a scroll, butt plug and a black silicon dildo which was molded to look like Papa Emeritus 2.

The movie poster is featured on the Concept Art page.

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