Ghost Tour Shirts 2011

Ghost supported gothic metal band Paradise Lost on their "Draconian Times MMXI" tour during April 2011.

The band played at the annual Download Festival in the United Kingdom on 11 June.

On 29 May 2011, Ghost made their United States debut at the Maryland Deathfest.

The 2011 Release Of The Shirt 'Elizabeth' was only sold at Webster Hall and Maryland Deathest.

The first print of the 'procession' shirt, depicting Papa Emeritus being carried in

a coffin was also released.

Many of the shirts, if not all, have been reprinted many times.

Many of the earlier shirts were printed on Heavyweight fabric, unlike the more recent tour shirts.

Phil Anselmo, formerly of the band Pantera and singer for Down, performed wearing a

Procession shirt, with a unique grey logo. Several shirts were produced

and some of the contributors to this site own one.

Ghost Shirt Anselmo

Clockwork Ghost

Based on the artwork from the Stanley Kubrick movie A Clockwork Orange

This shirt DOES NOT have a date identifier

Opus Ladies Tee

Available via the Ghost Official Store in 2011

ladies cut with Gildan label

Date Ident reads - PH5753

Thanks to Isadora Persson

Opus Pre-Order

Available When You Pre-Ordered The Picture Disc Of Opus Eponymous

The Opus Eponymous bundle package was available to pre-order via Metal Blade Records during 2011

It is thought around 100 bundles were produced in total making this a very rare shirt

Opus Grey

Grey variant of Opus Eponymous. Sold by Rise Above records and Backstreet Merch.

Webster Hall

The first Ghost shirt to be released in the

United States

Sold At Two Shows - Deathfest In Baltimore And Webster Hall New York and it is believed only 100 were made

The shirt has a uniquie Orange Logo with a grey background

Opus Eponymous

Tour Shirt From The European Leg Of The 2011 Tour.

This shirt does not have a date



Sold At Every Show In 2011. No Print On Back.

Procession carries a Fruit of the Loom 'heavy cotton' tag.

Later shirts often carry the 'value weight' tag and are printed on a thinner quality shirt overall.

The date identifier can be found to the lower left of the shirt.

Pictured below is the 2012 date identifier - it has the same position as the 2011 version, I'll update with the 2011 identifier when I locate a pic

The Procession shirt shown below, with a grey logo, is very limited in numbers and was never sold to the public

Opus Pixel

Version 2 Of the now iconic Opus Shirt with a unique 'pixelated print' which is quite thick in

comparison to other prints. Sold during the 2011 Maryland Death Metal Fest and via

the Official webstore

I have identified 3 tags. 2011 Shirts have a date identifier printed centre, under the main image

Reprints of this shirt are common but do not carry the date identifier

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